Cookie policy Quiet Lapland

A cookie is a small file with code that is temporarily placed into your web browser or onto your computer in order to optimize the use of a website. Cookies are often used as well to collect data about you to sell that to online data brokers.

The web shop of A Frank Idea is using a first party functional cookie. Only the pages on this website where you can reserve an activity contains this cookie; other parts of this website do not use cookies. The cookie we use is not an analytical cookie; the cookie does not gather any additional information about you. This website does not use any other (tracking) cookies. A Frank Idea does not collect any data about you.

The cookie we use is recognized by your web browser as ‘BokunSession widget’. It is saved in your browser and contains a user identification code that is used to track the user session, which allows to store bookings in our shopping cart. This cookie is essential for our web shop to work, and it makes it for example possible to close your browser and return to our web store at a later moment to finish your booking. The cookie expires maximum 30 days after your browsing session.

The web shop of A Frank Idea uses software of Bokun, which is an online booking program owned by Tripadvisor. Google Analytics gathers anonymized traffic statistics on all Bokun software. A Frank Idea can not access that data. Google analytics creates for Bokun the following cookies:

_gat_bokun_tracker_[bookingChannelId] : 1 minute

_ga : 1 day

_gid : 2 years

If you are concerned about  your data and online privacy, and want to manage (third party) cookies you can disable cookies on this and other websites. Consult the help section of your browser in order to do so. You could as well use Privacy badger, which is an extension developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation which you can add to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers